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We would like to welcome you to our website. Bhutan Mahayana Tours has established itself as a reputed tour company in the country of Bhutan. We are fortunate to have employees who have more than a decade long experience in the field of travel business.

There are several tour companies in Bhutan that conduct tours but not every one of them are recognized by The Tourism Council of Bhutan. The Tourism Council of Bhutan is the body which monitors tour operators in Bhutan to ensure that they meet the strict requirements and provide guests with quality service. Bhutan Mahayana Tours has been recognized by The Tourism Council of Bhutan as a genuine tour operator. Since our inception we have been able to establish ourselves as a genuine and trustworthy tour operator in the kingdom of Bhutan. You can check our authenticity by visiting our website at www.tourism.gov.bt/directory/tour-operator/bhutan-mahayana-tours. We offer our clients with quality tour packages throughout the Kingdom of Bhutan. At Bhutan Mahayana Tours, we provide exclusive Luxury treks, Biking/Cycling tours, Cultural tours, Festival tours, Farm Stay tours, Responsible tours, Trekking and Meditation tours throughout Bhutan.

We at Bhutan Mahayana Tours are fortunate to have an expert team of professionally trained and experienced former tour leaders on board, who had been in the industry for more than ten years. We guarantee you to provide the best hospitality in the country complete with a homely and comfortable stay assisted by extremely proficient, skilled and experienced personnel.

The service that we provide to our clients is based on what we have learnt over the years � we have carefully filled up the gaps based on the inputs of our clients. Armed with this experience and knowledge we started our own tourism business with an objective to provide the maximum satisfaction and fulfillment to our clients and offer them a life time worth of memories. You also have the option to customize our tour packages according to your preference and convenience.

We have learnt over the years, what is best suited for each tourist group �i.e. what is that they want to enjoy or explore. We have designed our package keeping all this in mind and not randomly assuming about our clients expectations. Quality is never compromised in any area during this process.

Our approach is simple- we treat our clients the way we would treat our family and friends. We are sure that this is the best way to give satisfaction to our clients and will also reap us benefits in the long run. Herein lies the difference between us and other travel agencies.

To get the best services, diversity, reliability and homely atmosphere away from home, you must Visit Bhutan through Bhutan Mahayana Tours. Enjoy your visit to �The Land of the Thunder Dragon� with us!

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