Enjoy the Top 5 Bhutan cultural tours

Think of mysticism and a feeling of spirituality during a trip to the mountains and Bhutan come to your mind. Located in the lap of Himalaya, the country splendid natural beauty and you will come across some of the most surprising elements during a cultural trip. Not only does the country balance modern and ancient elements but the beauty of […]

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Choose The Right Time To Enjoy the Beauty of Bhutan

Bhutan is an isolated place full of natural beauty. The warm temperate climate with abundant festivals to celebrate throughout the year attracts tourist from all over the world. The natural beauty, the heritage sites and the exotic flora and fauna makes Bhutan a favorite destination for tourist for all seasons. The weather varies mainly due to altitude. It is said […]

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Best Way to Enjoy adventure sports in Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the most serene mountainous regions and the country has always been identified with the charming beauty of the mountains and rivers surrounding it. However, the country is gradually becoming synonymous with adventure sports and similar activities that are much preferred by the people of the present generation. However, the truth is that the country has a […]

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