6 Things About Bhutan Adventure Tour That You Didn’t Know!

For avid travelers, a trip to Bhutan is not only fascinating but it is possible to discover a lot of things that you probably ever knew. The magical land of the Yeti and home to the most popular monasteries allows you to enjoy as long as you stay in Bhutan. Have a quick glance at these facts that make your stay in Bhutan more pleasurable in the real sense.


No Traffic Lights

Can you imagine that the capital city of a country has no traffic lights? Although one or two of them had been installed temporarily, they were removed based on popular demand. It is ideal for those tourists that want to escape from the bustling crowd of the city. The surprising element is whether it is safe to drive on the road without traffic lights. The crux is that the people of Bhutan are so nice that they allow the people to pass even if it means waiting for about ten minutes.

Preservation of Heritage

The government of Bhutan is more concerned about preserving their rich tradition and cultural heritage. Therefore, there are restrictions in the number of tourists traveling to this country. If you are keen enjoy Bhutan adventure tour, you have to take a guide or tour operators as per the policies of the government.

Thunderstorms in Bhutan

Bhutan witnesses some of the most dangerous thunderstorms that come from the Himalayan mountain range. It is no wonder that the country is also referred to as ‘The Land of the Thunder Dragon”. For enjoying a Bhutan adventure tour, you have to seek the assistance of a tour operator which is compulsory according to the rule of the government.



While the national flower of Bhutan is unique so is the national animal which resembles a goat to a certain extent and also looks like a cow. This animal can be found only in Bhutan and in some parts of northeast India and Bhutan. If you are planning to take your family for Bhutan adventure tour, talking to Bhutan Mahayana Tours is a good option and let your kids enjoy the varied flora and fauna in this country.

National Flower and Traditional Food

The blue poppy is the national flower of this country which has a beauty of its own. When it comes to the traditional cuisine of this country, the diet is usually filled with cheese, butter and milk. Moreover, the people of this country add a lot of spices to their meals which makes it similar to the Asian cuisine. When you are in Bhutan, you cannot mi the traditional cuisine of this country.

Highest Unclimbed Peak

Gangkar Puensum is situated at a height of over seven thousand meters and remains unclimbed till today. According to the belief of the people of this country, climbing over 6000 feet is prohibited in this country. Although this is a spiritual belief but when you visit Bhutan, you have to comply with the rules and regulations before going for trek. Thus, hiring a tour operator is the right option if you are traveling to this country.

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