A Thrilling Bird Watching Tour To Bhutan

Bhutan unlike other countries in the Himalayan range have their forests intact. It makes it an ideal hub for a perfect recluse for the birds. The natural sanctuary that Bhutan beholds escalates its position as one of the most scenic places with a whole gamut of birds across the horizon. The tourism sector has seen significant strides that signify Bhutan’s gift to the world as an abode for bird watching. While there is no complain of natural beauty here, Bhutan serves as a great repository of birds with diverse origins. It is for the reason that it can be hailed as a paradise for ornithologists as well as bird lovers.

The Bhutan Mahayana tours is organizing a special tour that will be for thirteen days. This program will complement the zeal of the bird watchers to experience the rich bird life of Bhutan. The program will also be in conjunction with the bird festival 2015. The touring party will be able to participate in this auspicious festival for one day.

Bhutan Bird Festival 2015

What are the species of birds found in Bhutan?

Bhutan, the home of migrant birds as well as other origins can account for 670 species of birds that are recorded. There are a lot of birds that are yet to be explored as well as discovered. Around 50 species of winter, migrants are found that is a delight to watch.

  • Some of the migrant birds include waders, ducks, thrushes, birds of prey, finches and buntings. These birds arrive in flocks and add to the delight of the nature lovers as well as amateur watchers. They add a completely new dimension to the natural bliss.
  • Other partial migrants include swifts, cuckoos, warblers, bee-eaters and flycatchers. There is also ample presence of birds that are vulnerable like Gray-bellied Tragopan, Satyr Tragopan, Pallas’s fish eagle etc.
  • Also, Bhutan can boast of the Imperial Heron that is considered among the rarest in the world. The tropical climate of Bhutan helps in the habitat of these birds to a greater degree.

How exciting can a tour be?

Bhutan can well be considered as an excellent tourist destination that refreshes mental and physical fatigue of the visitors. The country can be highly regarded with their sense of hospitality for the tourists. The food is excellent that comprises of local cuisines which are hard to resist. Also there is provisions for excellent homestay that gives a feeling of home even while travelling. Bird watching is also a great asset to the tourists who will witness the tremendous site and the rich natural heritage that Bhutan provides. Bhutan Mahayana tours is specialized and have a decade old experience in conducting all types of tours with excellent accommodation facilities. They organize :

  • Biking as well as cycling
  • Adventure Tours
  • Tours on trekking
  • Festival visits
  • Cultural visits

All of these services will boost up your overall experience. The peaceful environment just makes it a place of idyllic bliss. The tourists get the best in class facilities for their travelling needs. There is perfect locations to plan a carnival amidst the exotic beauty that prevails. These services are also provided by Bhutan Mahayana tours as a part of their excellent customer service.

However, to enjoy the scenic and panoramic view of Bhutan, it is necessary to plan a subsequent week or more to satiate the wanderlust. There are locations that will need time to visit, and there is a guarantee that such places will leave you spellbound and speechless. Bhutan Mahayana tours will give you an experience of a lifetime. Come to Bhutan and experience the oneness with nature.

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