Absorb The Cultural Side Of Bhutan Through Bhutan Cultural Tours

The traditions and customs of Bhutan have been unaffected by the influences of the outer world for many years and still retain their purity that has remained the same through the centuries. The traditions and customs have developed into a culture that is very distinct from other countries in this part of the world. Visitors to this beautiful Himalayan Kingdom can get a taste of this distinct culture by mixing with the simple and friendly people. The tourism industry is specially designed to let people in the other countries know of the culture traditions and customs of the people of this country.


Cultural tour packages

There are many tour operators in the country offering various types of tour packages to the tourists. The most dependable tour operators are the ones that are registered with the government. Every tour operator offers tour packages that have different travel itineraries. One such tour operator offering Bhutan Cultural Tours provides all the details of the tour in its website named bhutanmahayanatours.com. More information about the tours can be acquired from them by contacting them directly on their contact numbers given on the website. You can also send an e-mail or leave a message on the website.

Touring eastern region

One of the cultural tours offered by the tour operator will take you to the eastern part of the country. The indigenous methods used in farming in this part of the country would be very interesting for those who are attached to the agricultural field. Another important aspect of this area is the textile industry with its various spinning and weaving techniques for which the villages of Khomo and Radhi are very famous. To explore the Lhuntse region better, you have to stay the night in a tent or accept the hospitality of the inhabitants of a Kurtoe farmhouse. In winter, you can see the rare black-necked crane at the Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary.


Visiting Buddhist monasteries

You can go on another tour that takes you to see the dzongs and monasteries in the western part of the country. You can feel the influence of Vajrayana Buddhism in every walk of life when you visit the monasteries and temples. A visit to the capital city of Thimpu is also included in this package. The region around Thimpu is engaged in rearing livestock and cultivation. You can see the Buddhist traditions and customs of the people who live here. The people here are friendly, and the surroundings offer beautiful scenic views. At the end of the trip, you will be taken to a farmhouse where you will be welcomed by a Bhutanese family to have food with them.

More cultural tours

The in-depth tour will take you to Bumthang, which is considered to be a very holy place by the people of this country. The birth of Buddhism in Bhutan started from this region in the 8th century. The touring party will come back to Paro to disperse. You will get a deep idea about the people of Bhutan from this trip. You can get a better idea about the people of Bhutan, its culture, and traditions when you visit the western part of the country on a Bhutan Cultural Tours package. The trip includes a hike to the Tiger’s Nest monastery and a visit to the Chime Lhakhang Monastery.

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