Attend Festivals Held in Bhutan With Bhutan Festival Tours

Bhutan has a democratic government running the country has a parliament consisting of the National Assembly and the National Council. The monarchy run by the kings of the Wangchuk dynasty was transformed by their Fourth King His Majesty JigmeSingyeWangchuk into a modern democratic society in 2008. The country had been isolated from the outer world till 1960. It became one of the favorite destinations of tourists from all over the world as soon foreigners were allowed to visit the country.
Bhutan Festivals

Various festival tours

The Bhutan festival tours are conducted by the Bhutan Mahayana Tours for foreigners to help them understand the life and culture of the people of Bhutan. These festival tours are:

  • The Teshechu festival tour – These large and colorful and festivals are held once a year in the dzongs and monasteries of the various cities in the country in honor of their sacred saint Guru Rinpoche. The festival is held in the cities of Punakha and Paro during spring while it is held in Thimpu during fall. The tour lasts for seven days.
  • The DochulaDrukWangyle festival tour – This festival was started recently in 2011 and is held at the DrukWangyelLakhang ground every year on the 13th of December in honor of the military expedition that was undertaken in 2003. This tour lasts for eight days.
  • The Bhumthang festival tour – This tour covers the JambeLakhang, Jalakhar and the Nalakhar festivals where masked dances are performed in the courtyards of the various dzongs in the region. The duration of this tour is 12 days.
  • The Chortenkora festival tour – This festival is held only in the district of Tashiyangstsewhich is located in the eastern most part of Bhutan. The tour which takes 15 days allows the tourists to visit almost all the districts stretching from the east to the west of the country.

Characteristics of festivals

Joining the Bhutan festival tours can be highly enjoyable. The festivals are very religious in nature. Men and women wear bright colored traditional dresses during these festivals. People wear silken costumes and wear various colorful masks while taking part in the dances that are held during the festivities.  The dancing is accompanied by the blare of long horns, the beat of drums and the clang of cymbals.

Reservations for tour

Reservations for the tour along with tour configurations can be made through the official website of the tour organizing company Tour preferences can also be mentioned through this website. Any special requirement can be relayed to the tour operator Bhutan Mahayana Tours through the message field given on the website.


Available tour discounts

The tour operator offers many discounts to people of different groups so that can enjoy the festivals better. There are no charges for children aged five years and below. Children from 6 to 10 years of age will get 50 percent discount. Students below 25 years will get a 25 percent discount. One person in a group of 11 to 15 will get a 50 percent discount while 100 percent discount will be given to one person in a group bigger than 16 persons.  Every 14th night of stay will attract a discount of 50 percent. These entire discounts make the festival tour more attractive.

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