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Travel to Bhutan for the Ultimate Vacation

Bhutan seduces travelers with its magical charm of stunning natural beauties, magnificent fortresses, color flag fluttering temples and mystical aura of Buddhists spiritual silence. Enjoying nature in its purest form is the primary reason why it stays in the bucket list of all visitors. It is not only about the salubrious climate, but there are also countless other activities which […]

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Interesting Facts about Bhutan cultural tours

The Himalayan kingdom is wrapped in mysteries which are yet to explore. Talking about one such country is Bhutan occupying the eastern Himalayan region. Each year this royal land welcomes countless travelers across the world to experience one of the ancient cultures dominating here and yet in untouched condition. Not any modernized policy had the potentiality till now to shake […]

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Trekking In Bhutan: A Quick and Handy Travel Guide

Hiking is good for heart and bones. It rejuvenates your mind and keeps you healthy. When you get to view majestic, ethereal beauties of Himalayan ranges, it comes as a bonus along with numerous health benefits. The Dragon kingdom has everything to charm all trekkers across the globe. It is for this reason Bhutan gets visited by countless travelers. The […]

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What Is The Best Time For Trekking In Bhutan?

To arrive in Bhutan for trekking on the most celebrated routes decorated with sheer natural beauty and magnificent stupas is the main purpose why travelers keep this place on their bucket list. Whether it is the breathtaking views of shadowy gorges, picturesque valleys or stunning landscapes, everything occupies the first position in your priority list. No place on the earth […]

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Enjoy the Top 5 Bhutan cultural tours

Think of mysticism and a feeling of spirituality during a trip to the mountains and Bhutan come to your mind. Located in the lap of Himalaya, the country splendid natural beauty and you will come across some of the most surprising elements during a cultural trip. Not only does the country balance modern and ancient elements but the beauty of […]

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