Best Way to Enjoy adventure sports in Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the most serene mountainous regions and the country has always been identified with the charming beauty of the mountains and rivers surrounding it. However, the country is gradually becoming synonymous with adventure sports and similar activities that are much preferred by the people of the present generation. However, the truth is that the country has a lot of opportunities for the tourists to enjoy different sports activities and it is no wonder that the visitors are making the most of it. From kayaking, fishing, mountain biking and hiking, there is hardly an opportunity to miss the freezing water of the glaciers and water gushing down from the streams.

Bhutan Adventurer Tours

Bhutan Adventurer Tours

Trekking in Bhutan

Trekking is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities in Bhutan and a lot of visitors wait for the opportunity to make the most of these trekking trips. However, it is a strenuous activity and you may need to walk for about five to seven hours each day. When it comes to trekking, tourists have the opportunity of choosing the number of days for which they can trek and the regions that they are keen to explore. You will encounter steep climbs and may have to walk down the slope of the hills. Moreover, facing some of the most endangered species is not uncommon when you are trekking the mountainous regions.

Rock climbing and your preference

When it comes to rock climbing, it offers a feeling of exhilaration for the tourists. There are plenty of opportunities in Bhutan as expeditions are conducted by different agencies. In fact, Bhutan adventure tour remains incomplete without this wonderful spot activity that attracts a lot of tourists to this destination every year. If you are keen to participate in these activities during a trip to Bhutan, you have to get in touch with the local agencies.

bhutan biking tour

Bhutan biking tour


You can experience a feeling of pleasure when you travel to Bhutan for enjoying adventure activities. Whether it is about cycling on the smooth roads or exploring the rugged mountains, cycling is one of the options to make the most of the beauty of Himalaya. For a perfect Bhutan adventure tour, you can talk to Bhutan Mahayana Tours to enjoy the adventure activities in this country. Peddling for about five to seven hours in a stretch is no easy job for which you need specialized training. If you have a passion for cycling, you can talk to your tour operator to find out the options that are available for the tourists.

Rafting and Fishing     

Strange though it may seem, fishing in Bhutan is still a restricted activity as you cannot take the fish rather it would be taken away by the royal family. Although fly-fishing is gradually becoming prevalent in certain regions, it is not much of a pleasure. Rafting is one of those activities which is possible in the freezing waters of the rivers in Bhutan and there are all kinds of enthusiasts that have just started or others that have attained expertise over the years. With an adventurous holiday in Bhutan, you can get an opportunity to relax and evade the stress of work.

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