Bhutan Cultural Tours Discover the Land of the Thunder Dragon

With the colors of culture and nature, Bhutan can be an exclusive visit for all traveloholics. A trip experiencing the valleys, monasteries and trek can be a package trip for all. The different sporting activities and the glamorous sightseeings across the trails of the mountain are something worth a lifetime experience. A country filled with temples and monasteries has no particular reason to encourage tourists. The visitors who love to explore the religion have probably found the best place to do so. One can gather tremendous knowledge about Buddhism staying on his Valley for few things.

Cultural Tours

The land Resembling its Culture

The young lamas walking the trails of the valley gives an eccentric view from your tourist lodge. If you notice their lives, all are mostly surrounded by the religion they follow. All their festivals round the year are celebrated concentrated with the Buddhist faith. Thus, it is highly rich in culture wherever you see them. Cradled with culture this area lying in the Himalayan range will not make you disheartened with its ample cultural delicacies. Fluttering prayer flags tied to the poles on all roads clearly denotes its rich sacred culture. The urge to attain sentience is something that is inbuilt on all Buddhist kids. It still holds up the Pali language that is almost extent and only studied by people who learn languages.

Bhutan culture tours

Townships Bearing the Religiousness

Moving into the town you will find all local houses have a white flag waving in their terrace. This is to indicate that the owner of the house has offered the prayers to please their local God. Each valley rich is each district of Bhutan has an administration that looks after the religious life of the state.  These are called the Dzong which is a high walled fortress that resembles as a temple for the Buddhist religion. For experiencing all the authentic Bhutan Culture Tours, make sure to have a guide from the Bhutan Mahayana Tours before you discover the land of Thunder Dragon.

Buddhist Resemblance

All Buddhist monasteries are highly engraved with Buddhist paintings and inscriptions. They have the prayer wheels which have inscriptions from religious texts. According to the head lama, one walking by uttering his/her offers across the prayer wheel gets satisfied with the wishes being fulfilled. They consider the texts of Buddhism to reach out to God. The chorus readings of the Buddhist text give a pleasurable feel of the Bhutan Culture tours to the tourist.   The paintings in the monasteries resemble the eccentric typical Buddhist art along with the stories of Buddha’s life.


An Exotic Land to Trip

The trip to this Buddhist zone apart from experiencing the immense cultural heritage will make you experience the beautiful scenic ambiance along with the various trekking in the valley. The tourists from all over the world come to experience the variety of colorful dresses they wear along with the typical Bhutanese dance. The mountains, valleys, monasteries, temples and humble people all around makes a warm air blow all the year round calling in more tourists. A place with quite a low population and guided by various political and economic issue leaves no stone unturned to welcome the visitor.

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