Bhutan Luxury Tours – Make Your Trip Unforgettable Opulent

Bhutan is called the Land of The Thunder Dragon. The land has a lot of mystery, rich culture, lofty Himalayan Mountains, picturesque valleys and other attractions that can take your breath away when you are traveling in this country. However, if you are among those travelers who do not think about money while planning a tour and wish to have a lavish time spent with their loved ones, then Bhutan can offer you something more exciting. There are places in Bhutan that are ideal for having a luxurious trip. You can live in luxurious hotels and enjoy utmost comfort there. You should do an adequate research to know how to have a luxurious trip to Bhutan.


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Know About the Famous Spots


It is always advisable to get complete information about the spots you can visit in Bhutan while enjoying Bhutan Luxury Tours. Nonetheless, this will depend on what type of tourist you are. Do you like trekking or hiking or do you prefer to experience the cultural richness of this magnificent land? You can book your trekking packages to Bhutan from a top class travel company. The package will include all kind of facilities that you can expect during trekking. In case of other types of trips you can also visit the top spots like Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Punakha Dzong, Zuri Dzong Hike, Paro Valley and other vital places in Bhutan.


Living in Luxury Hotels


Bhutan has a lot of options of home staying. But that are good for those who wish to have a budget-friendly trip. Those who wish to live some days in luxury should book the top hotels in Bhutan. These hotels have all the world-class amenities to serve their customers and make their stay a comfortable experience. You can get the best vehicles from these hotels while visiting the nearby places. They can offer you experienced and skilled guides for your safe tour.




Get The Glimpse Of The Glorious Past


While you are visiting many places in Bhutan and having a luxurious tour, do not forget to get a glimpse of the glorious past of this country. Visit Punakha which was the former capital of Bhutan, and now it is considered as a place that reflects the rich heritage, culture and past glory of this nation. The scenic beauty of this place is mesmerizing. You can find some moments of peace while visiting the famous Chime Lhakhang Monastery.


Blending Of Comfort and Thrill


When you book your Bhutan Luxury Tours from Bhutan Mahayana Tours then you can have a perfect mixture of comfort and thrill throughout the trip. You can stay in the top class boutique hotels in various parts of this country. At the same time they will arrange your tour in such a manner that you can experience the thrill in every minute of your tour. Well, luxurious tours do not mean you have to spend a lot of money. These are the tours that can ensure you about your safe and comfortable living while exploring the beauty of this land which is surrounded by lofty Himalayan Mountains.

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