Get To See the Punakha Tsechu Festival On Your Bhutan Tour

Get To See the Punakha Tsechu Festival On Your Bhutan Tour Festivals is a part of a region’s cultural heritage. With the rituals, the people dressed in their traditional attire and often with a plethora of colorful decorative items, they are a major attraction for tourists, all-around the year. Bhutan is a country having a rich cultural diversity which is enhanced by the wide diversity of colorful and intricate festivals celebrated all over the country. Many villages host the festivals in their unique way. Among the several festivals held in the country, the most popular one is annual Tshechu festival celebrated all across Bhutan.

Tshechu Celebrated All over Bhutan

Tsechu Festival

Wherever you go in Bhutan, you will find that people refer to the Tshechu festival by prefixing the name of the place in consideration. For instance, if you go to Thimpu as a part of the Bhutan festival tours, you will experience the Thimpu Tshechu festival, and at Punakha, you will get to see the Punakha Tshechu festival. The customs and the rituals performed during the Tshechu festival are the same in all the regions, with minor variations depending on the area visited. During the Tshechu festival, villagers dress up in their best attire and gather at the local monasteries where the rituals and performances take place.

Attractions of The Tsechu Festival

Thimphu Festival Tsechu

Tshechus, which are the primary attractions of the festival tours organized by Bhutan Mahayana Tours, are typically occasions to commemorate important occasions in the lifespan of second Buddha, who is known as the Precious gem or Guru Rinpoche. Several kinds of masked dances enthrall the visitors along with various songs for complete three days at a stretch. Punakha, where the Tshechu festival takes place is located in western part of Bhutan which is the winter home of Bhutan’s chief Abbot, the Je Khempo. Punakha has a significant past and is of critical importance to Bhutan since the 17th century.

A Background Of the Festival


At that time, Bhutan was often invaded by Tibetan armies. Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal led the people of Bhutanese to achieve victory over those Tibetan forces and unified the country as one nation. To commemorate this victory, the Punakha Drubchen is held in Punakha since then. It has become the annual festival of the Punakha district. There is a re-enactment of the war. Militiamen dressed in the traditional battle gear perform the action scenes. In 2005, following the request of the 70th Je Khempo, the Bhutanese government granted the permission of holding another similarly grand festival.

Very Appealing to Any tourist


The central highlight of the festival is the Cham dances, performed by masked men and women wearing beautifully designed costumes. Then a large thongdrel made up of an applique on silk brocade is unfurled, which depicts a seated Padmasambhava and divine beings encircling it. The Punakha Tshechu festival is held in the month of March, so you can enjoy the spring-time by planning a tour to Bhutan focused on this festival. The religious celebrations are lively, high-spirited affairs during which people share meals of red rice, spicy pork, Ema Datshi and Momos (chicken or pork dumplings). So you can get the essence of the entire Bhutanese culture through these festivals.

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