Choose The Right Time To Enjoy the Beauty of Bhutan

Bhutan is an isolated place full of natural beauty. The warm temperate climate with abundant festivals to celebrate throughout the year attracts tourist from all over the world. The natural beauty, the heritage sites and the exotic flora and fauna makes Bhutan a favorite destination for tourist for all seasons. The weather varies mainly due to altitude. It is said that spring and autumn are the best time to visit Bhutan but summer and winter has its own beauty to enjoy.

The Spring Time

If you are a lover of flora then the months of March, April and May are the best time to travel to Bhutan when you can see various flowers in full bloom. The Jacaranda is in full bloom in the middle of May coinciding with the Gomkora festival. April and May are also the best time to go for trekking. You also have a chance to meet the king on the third or the last day of April as he personally visits the five-day Tshechu festival in Paro. You can enjoy the vibrant color of the festivals along with the lush greenery of the fresh vegetation and trees.

In The Autumn

The clear blue sky of September to November gives you a spectacular vision of some of the most beautiful unclimbed mountains. The cool temperate climate adds to the beauty of the shedding leaves by the willow trees which are golden brown in color. It is also the time for Thimpu festival. There is also a day long black-necked crane festival held during this time to spread awareness among the people for conservation of nature. It is time for Thimpu Tshechu festival along with many such festivals all over Bhutan in this period to enjoy the local festive dance of twenty masked dancers.

The Summer Monsoon

If you prefer to stay in the hotel room or within the city and avoid the heights then the months of June to August is the best for you. Though it is not the time to go for trekking in the monsoon July month, you can always take a trip down the road within the limits of the town in a rain coat. The monsoon is not very heavy here but is a regular feature in the afternoons. If you plan to visit the NimalungTshechu then start early or you can enjoy your cup of coffee in your hotel balcony listening to the rain sing.

The Cool Winter


The months of December to February are sunny, cool with most of the highway covered with snow. It is comfortable to stay if you can stand cold and enjoy your traveling and trekking with a spectacular view of the mountain peaks against the clear blue sky. The Bhutan foundation festival is the chief attraction during this time. Enjoy snow fall from your hotel room in January till February.

To Conclude

Spring and autumn are the best season to visit Bhutan. There is a considerable crowd during these months and you must book your Bhutan Mahayana Tours package for Travel To Bhutan well in advance. If you want to avoid the crowd then visit in May and November. If you want cheaper rates then June and December is the best.

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