Colorful and Resplendent Bhutan Festival Tours Span the Land

The kingdom of Bhutan is resplendent with natural beauty that is further enhanced by the lifestyle of the people that believe in complete harmony with other people and also with nature. Their respect for nature has helped preserve the primeval state of it amid the colorful festivals that they celebrate. Religion is a way of life for them that harness the respect aspect, and the colorful dances are didactic as well as reminiscent of the glorious past. In all, the ambiance that the tourist finds in this Himalayan kingdom is that of awe and fascination that touches upon the mind to remain life-long.


Soaking in the culture

You have the option of choosing from among the different Bhutan festival tours that have varying durations to satisfy your curiosity about the intriguing culture of the land while also soaking in its awesome landscape beauty. For a short stay of about four to five days, you can explore the capital and the surrounding monasteries, while also meeting the monks and local people to get the true taste of Bhutan. A tour for about a week that will be more extensive in covering the Eastern circuit will take you to the depth of their culture. This part of the country is also home to the indigenous textile industry that is famous in producing the colorful traditional art form.

Enjoying a farmhouse stay

There are options for both tasting the hospitality of the local people by staying at the farmhouse during the tour or enjoying the comfort of the hotels while resting. The stimulating heights of the monasteries and the intricate architecture all reflect the glorious tradition and culture along with the beliefs and lifestyle of the simple Bhutanese people. There are also the tours of the natural life sanctuaries interspersed that will bring you in contact with the exclusive indigenous flora, fauna as well as some migrating birds.


A longer tryst

If you are already impressed and wish to learn more about the nation while savoring the pure air of the Himalayan countryside, there is an in-depth Bhutan festival tours for about twelve days that will take you across the expanse of the land. In such case, you will also have the opportunity to visit the places that speak of the historical past and also give you a glimpse of the royalty, especially while taking part in the festivals. Timing your visit of the land with the festival seasons is a good idea during which hordes of tourists come to see the locals highlighting their culture.

Enjoying the landscape

For a balanced trip that will incorporate both the culture as well as the reserve of the natural beauty, you can opt for a weeklong tour of the western part of the country that has some of the most amazing monasteries. These are set in the picturesque landscape of the Punakha valley having one of the most awesome Dzongs. This is the site of the world famous PunakhaTeschu festival that you can enjoy and customize your trip with the tour operator. The vast expanse of the tour is likely to include a hike to the local monastery that will give you the opportunity to pass by the tiny villages that are the storehouse of the indigenous culture.

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