Bhutan chose to lead an isolated existence for many years. It is only a couple of years back that the Ministry of Bhutan decided to break from rigorous norms and opened its doors to tourists from all across the globe. They decided to promote their nation’s culture to the outside world. This also paved the way for revenue generation for the country.

Stunning Natural Beauty

This is an extraordinary place where you see the blending of traditional culture with technological development in a controlled way.

The stunning landscape with green meadows bordered with pine trees, ice-clad mountains, glacier melted streams, and extraordinary collection of wildlife mesmerizes you.

You can do a variety of activities there, starting from trekking, biking, hiking, kayaking, rafting, and fishing.

The peak periods are March to May and September to November. The prices vary to a considerable degree between the peak and off-peak periods. If you are on a tight budget, then you may opt for traveling there during non-peak months and experience Bhutan cultural tours.

Cultural Tour

In the continent of Asia, this is one of the best cultural tours you can choose. Bhutan Cultural Tours offered by us are designed to give you exposure to the Buddhist way of life of the Bhutanese people.

This is truly an unexplored land, not influenced by Western civilization and so traditional rituals are still in existence.Monasteries, temple, and dzongs still exist in every nook and corner of the cities and villages.

People wear traditional clothes with men in kimono and women in the dress called Kira. The vibrant sites are capable of arousing interest in tourists.

Festivals during the year

Various festivals occur throughout the year. The well-known ones are Paro and Thimphu Tshechu. They are annual festivals, and the focal point is the dance.

Dances are performed in traditional costumes and masks based on events inspired by the lives of great saints.

The dancers need to be registered beforehand. If they fail to act, they are subject to penalty. These festivals are witnessed by thousands of people.

These are social gatherings where people adorn themselves with a lot of jewelry and dress in new clothes. They greet with each other and pray for good health and happiness.

Festivals other than that of religious nature are attended by quite a few people. They are black-necked crane festival, rhododendron festival, and a summer festival.

Temples and monasteries

This country has a rich cultural heritage. These are evident if you visit the various monasteries and temples.

Religion is an integral part of the local people. The official religion is Buddhism. The second most popular religion is Hinduism.

The dzongs are built on mountaintops with impressive defensive walls providing security to the monks and rulers.

Most of them have adjoining temples and monasteries. Monasteries and Buddhist temples are found all over the country.

Staying Arrangement

Many travelers love to stay in luxurious hotels in Bhutan. They offer yoga sessions and ayurvedic therapies. There are others who may prefer home stay arrangements to get an authentic feel. Some of them may lack modern amenities, but this region is well known for awesome hospitality.

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