Enjoy Bhutan’s Beauty with a Fascinating Ride on Bike

Bhutan has always been a tourist’ delight as it offers a plethora of opportunities to enjoy. You can enjoy Bhutan to its brim by engaging in several sports and adventure. Bhutan Mahayana Tours provides the perfect guidance, mentor comprehensively, and adventure tour that you are going to undertake.

You can also choose some unusual methods of strolling amidst nature and understand the exotic beauty of Bhutan by yourself. Bhutan Biking Tour is one of the most common tours that is organized and maintains your touring momentum on a perfect spree. It is important to note in this aspect that a cycling or a bike tour is eco-friendly and contributes immensely to the natural abundance of the place.


The greatest asset of Bhutan is its asset of natural beauty. Your ride on a cycle will be a perfect catalyst that will help you enjoy the abundance of heritage to its fullest.

Race on a Bike

The tour on a bike is one the thrilling attributes of a tour in Bhutan. You will be fascinated by the arrangements that are made during this race. The race begins at Paro and ends at Bumthang.


  • It cuts across the country and is one of the toughest races that you will undertake. It is advised that there are training measures taken before in similar territories that will organize the tour itself.
  • The journey will catch your liveliness and make you feel young as time goes. The one day race that is organized is one the biggest in the world and will thrill you completely.
  • The thirteen-day tour will be one of your best memories ever and will completely engross you as you pass through scenic landscapes.
  • There are uneven slopes and curves that will test your endurance however the training and precautionary measures are out to assist you completely. It will be an amazing journey for you in all accounts as you witness some of the exotic locations of Bhutan.
  • While you start your journey from Paro, during the course you will be enthralled by the gift of nature to Bhutan.
  • Your journey by the road and challenging slopes will perfectly complement your wanderlust and will give you a treasure of a lifetime.
  • Wherever you go whatever you do, the bike ride will be something that you will always remember for the rest of your life.

Bike Through Bhutan

It is one of the most challenging yet amusing journeys that you will ever undertake. The journey will commence from Paro, and while you cross, you will be fascinated by the pristine natural ambiance and the quiet, pure air that you will witness.


  • It will be an amazing journey for you as the longest down the trail will be witnessed from 6000 meters to as low as 600 meters.
  • During the journey, you will come across the distinct cultural hubs of Bhutan and quaint localities that will be picturesque in all aspects.
  • The journey will finally end at Samdrupjonkhar that itself is a commercial point for eastern Bhutan.

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