Enjoy The Safest Trekking Trip With Our Bhutan Trekking Packages

Bhutan is a land of eye-catching natural beauty. With dense pine forests and brooding oak trees, the country happens to be a dreamland for avid travelers. Especially, the mountain ranges and hilly slopes make it the appropriate destination for trekking. So, if you wish to feel the excitement of trekking across several areas of Bhutan, you will need to plan your tour with the most reliable tour operators.

Place complete reliance on us at Bhutan Mahayana Tours, while planning a trip to Bhutan. Our unique trekking packages are our claim to fame and we offer the best service, in this context. As one of the pioneering tour planners in the captivating land of Bhutan, we aim at ensuring a satisfying experience for our clients. The Bhutan trekking packages offered by us will cast a spell on you and fill your heart with complete satisfaction.

Availability of convenient trekking packages

Apart from being naturally beautiful, this ancient Himalayan kingdom is a land of great diversity too. And its diverse terrains provide the perfect opportunity for incredible trekking trips. Our uniquely designed trekking packages are capable of transporting you to a whole new world of excitement and enthusiasm. Depending on your preferences and schedule, you can choose the tour package that enthralls you the most.

Trekking to the Royal Manas National Park

As one of the legendary national parks in Bhutan, the Royal Manas National Park happens to be the storehouse for Bhutan’s fauna and flora. At Bhutan Mahayana tours, you will get the opportunity of trekking to this destination, all the way from Paro and Thimpu. The trip will have a duration of 9-days. And you can savor the natural beauty of Bhutan alongside visiting the several destinations such as Punakha, Trongsa Day and Panbang.


Treks from Merak

Our trekking packages also include tours from Merak to Sakteng for 16 days. Trekkers will have the golden chance of knowing the traditional values and distinctive lives of Brokpas. While doing so, they will also get to visit the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary.

Short trip to Bumthang

For a short yet satisfying trekking trip in Bhutan, you will have to build associations with the best tour operators. With us at Bhutan Mahayana Tours, you can enjoy Bhutan trekking packages to Bumthang. The schedule of this particular trip will not be more than 8days. And you will get a chance of visiting some of the most ancient monuments and temples of the country. The trekking trip will commence from Menchugang and reach its final destination Jakar Dzong.

The Laya-Gasa treks

Bhutan is one such country that cannot be judged on its size and extent. Despite its small size, the country offers great trekking routes for high-end trekkers. The Laya-Gasa Trek happens to be one of the most famous trekking itineraries in the country. You can opt for this trekking package that extends for almost 20 days, and enthrall your senses with the scintillating natural view of the place.

Enjoy a safe tour

Safety is a prime concern when it boils down to having the best trekking experience. We leave no stone unturned in offering the safest trekking experience to our clients. Additionally, our accommodation and food facilities are also of the excellent standards. As the cumulative effect of all these factors, we are capable of offering complete satisfaction to enthusiastic tourists and travelers.

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