Enjoy the Top 5 Bhutan cultural tours

Think of mysticism and a feeling of spirituality during a trip to the mountains and Bhutan come to your mind. Located in the lap of Himalaya, the country splendid natural beauty and you will come across some of the most surprising elements during a cultural trip. Not only does the country balance modern and ancient elements but the beauty of nature has remains intact over the years. Right from witnessing the throne of the king to the unknown stories that prevail all around, you have to talk to your tour operator to get a preview of the culture of the people that live in this wondrous land of natural beauty.

  1. Richness of the Dzongs

The country is filled Dzongs and many of these structures are now converted to government offices and alongside there are monasteries that surround Bhutan as well. One of the reasons for which these Dzongs are considered integral part of the culture of this country is due to the beautiful and exquisite paintings that are present on the wall. Many of them represent the teachings and the principles of Buddhism that are not only enduring but will remain in your mind forever. If you absorb the real culture of this country or get inspiration from Bhutan cultural tours that are largely defined by the Dzongs.

  1. Festivities of Bhutan

The country is not only known for its natural beauty but it presents a picturesque view of the local tradition and culture through the festivals. However, each festival is organized during a specific time and you have to acquire information about them from your tour operator. While the colorful masks that are worn by the people are genuinely beautiful as they are hand-made by the local tribes. If you want to meet the local people and their way of life as well as the idea of celebration, you must visit the country during the time of the festivities.

Cultural Tour

  1. Exploring the ancient architecture

When you decide to visit Bhutan, you must not miss the trip to Taktsang Monastery which is also known as Tiger Monastery. This place has some of the most amazing architecture and according to the beliefs of the local people, the monastery bears resemblance to the face of Guru Rimpoche. To find out the tariffs of Bhutan cultural tours – Bhutan Mahayana Tours, you consider taking a look at some of the convenient packages which gives you different options to witness the culture of this country. You can check the local artifacts that are available in different shops.

  1. Beautiful trekking spots

A trip to Bhutan remains incomplete without going through the trekking trails and this is the right option to witness nature at its best. Although the trekking spots in this country are limited as the government takes stern action when it comes to preserving the natural beauty of this country, you can still have a lot of explore.

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5. Mingle with the locals

When it comes to the beauty of Bhutan, you cannot miss the simplicity of the local people which is part of the cultural trip. Talk to your travel operator today for spending a day with the local people in the villages.

The final tip

For enjoying Bhutan in the real sense, you have to pick the best aspects that showcase the couture of this culture of this country. Make your trip memorable and take back some of the elements to create a memoir that will truly remain in your heart.

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