Experience Wild Nature With Bhutan Adventure Tour

While planning a trip to Bhutan, you have to know certain facts about this country and the best thing that comes to notice is the happiness that reflects in the faces of people. In fact the country has an endearing quality about it, as people have successfully revered and preserved the places of heritage and culture. In fact, the Government of Bhutan has banned people from climbing the mountain peaks for preserving the beauty and serenity of the Himalaya. It is unbelievable that the country has done little to promote tourism but people from several places across the globe venture into the hub of Buddhist culture.

Discovering Bhutan differently

If you have not explored Bhutan and want to rediscover this country in a new light, it is hard to miss the spectacular view of the Himalaya as soon as you arrive at the Paro International Airport. However, if you can manage to get set on the left aisle of the aircraft, you can actually view the Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world which mountaineers have revered for ages and the dream of every adventurer. While people have to make efforts to view this grand peak, you can get a splendid view with ease when you visit Bhutan.


Enjoying adventure tours

If you enjoy sporting and adventure activities, Bhutan can be a dream destination with infinite places for hiking and trekking. However, it is good to talk to Bhutan Mahayana Tours to know about Bhutan adventure tour and the activities that you can treasure during the trip. The convenient geographical location provides an advantage for Bhutan which has emerged to be the most fascinating place for myriad activities that include kayaking, hiking, trekking, biking and rafting. The rough terrains along the mountain trails that are home to some of the most superior glaciers and lakes make it a stunning venue for tourists.

Exploring the food and nature

If you are keen to titillate your taste buds, you may consider Bhutanadventuretour and do things that you have never enjoyed in the other hill stations that you have visited. The peace and serenity that you can experience during a trip to this country can be treasured over the years. It is hard to believe that a policy of the Government of Bhutan states that a major portion of the country must remain covered by the forests. Some of the popular dishes of Bhutan include momos, JashaMaru, PhakshaPaa and Goep and all of them are cooked with hot chilies that work well with the cool climate of the country.

Travel tips

Although you may depend on the travel tips for enjoying an adventure tour to Bhutan, you can experience mixed feelings when you visit this country. While the tranquil nature calls you after long days of stress, you cannot miss the excitement of some of the best trekking packages and travel up to the height of about 24,000 feet which is truly exhilarating. Whether it is the food, the beauty of nature or the invigorating people of this country, a trip to Bhutan can be truly inspiring.

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