b7A travel to an unknown place might seem intimidating but it can become a great memory when the locations are awesome and you have a travel operator with you to guide throughout the journey. The travel guides are the most important entity when the trip is all about adventure and sports in a challenging terrain.

Visiting Bhutan for Best Adventure Experience

As per the veteran adventurers, Bhutan is the first name that pops up in their mind when it comes to adventure sports and activities. From rock climbing courses to mountaineering expeditions, every possible mountain related adventure sport is available in this multifaceted venue.


TrekkingTrekking under the supervision of a local guide organized by the famous Bhutan tour operator, will be an ultimate experience for the newbie as well as the veteran trekkers. The challenging routes through the steep valleys, snow-clad hills, green forests, and meandering rocky paths will take a good test of the physical capabilities of a trekker.

Druk Path, Dagala, Merak Sakteng, Nabji Korphu, etc are the great locations where you can go for a nice trekking experience.


Kayaking is a favorite extreme sport that every adventurer loves to do and every traveler admires to do it someday. Bhutan has the perfect locations to try kayaking for the first time. There are some locations where the hilly rivers are quite aggressive and impart a challenging route for kayaking in the torrential waters.

KayakingThe major rivers of the country in Paro valley, Punakha, and Trongsa will be the best venue to try kayaking in the months of March and April.


Rafting is a very interesting group experience that can be performed in the river routes of Bhutan. The rivers have gentle to plunging basins that offer a great route for rafting with friends and family. There are specific locations segregated as per the experience of the adventurers.

KayakingPo Chu and Mo Chu are the best know river-rafting venues that offer a great experience in this country. The best time to enjoy rafting is March-May and October-November. The difficulty level of this adventure activity varies as per the locations in the river course.

Rock Climbing

Talking about adventure sports and not mentioning rock climbing is a crime. Bhutan is the perfect environment which offers rocky and steep hillsides for the best rock climbing challenges. Think of the scenic beauty of the panoramic views on the top of a scantily traversed hill. The mountaineering and rock-climbing clubs offer all the necessary equipment for a great experience.

Rock ClimbingVertical Bhutan Climbing Club in the capital city of the country is a great venue to try rock climbing in challenging landscapes.

Mountain Biking

The only way to savor the beauty of the diverse landscape, culture, and nature is via mountain biking. The uphill challenges and the downhill adrenaline rushing descents will be a great experience. Paro, Phobjikha, Tongsa, Wamrong, Punakha, etc are the choices offered by us for this adventure activity.

Mountain BikingThe adventure tours will be a never before experience for the tourists visiting Bhutan. Visiting once will not be adequate to enjoy peaceful nature and mesmerizing landscape.

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