Have A Pleasurable And Comfortable Tour With Bhutan Luxury Tours

Bhutan is an ideal place where you can spend a lot of time surrounded by an idyllic ambiance. The landscape is beautiful, serene and pristine. The people are very friendly and simple and follow age-old traditions and customs in a disciplined manner. They go about their business without creating any disturbance to others. There is nothing to disturb you, and you can spend the days in this country in peace and quietness. There are very few vehicles to be seen on the road. There are very few televisions and mobiles to affect the people’s lives in any way. There is only one motor able road that traverses the country from the east to west. There are no traffic lights even in the capital city as the concept of traffic jams is non-existent.


Travel in comfort

The main cities in the country are Thimpu, which is the capital of the country and Paro where the only airfield in the country is situated. You can get a feel of the lives, customs, traditions, and religious beliefs of the people of these cities. But if you want a deep insight into the various aspects of life in this country, then you have to go out into the countryside and remote areas, mix with people, and see how they live. But if you do not feel like giving up your comforts while being able to tour the country then the special tour packages are the best option for you. Details of the Bhutan Luxury Tours can be found on the website bhutanmahayanatours.com.

Experience comfortable tours

A large number of tourists who come to Bhutan do not wish to go through the rigors of long treks and hikes and cycling trips. They like to enjoy the sights in comfort without losing a night’s sleep. The prospect of sleeping on the ground in some far away location does not appeal to them at all. But they wish to visit the various parts of the country to know more about the people living in this Himalayan kingdom. The tour operators have devised the luxury tours in such a way that maximum comfort can be provided to these tourists.


Providing all comforts

They send a group of well-trained people to help the tourists have a good time on their tour of the country. Hot water is provided for the tourists to have a shower at the end of the day. Large tents are set up to provide good-sized dining halls. The cooks accompanying the tourist party prepare delicious food fit to be served in 4-star restaurants. Each tourist is provided with an individual tent that has folding cots which mean they do not have to sleep on the ground. Running water and toilets are provided to clean themselves up after reaching the camp site.

Providing total care

You are provided with every comfort while traveling around the country in the care of the tour operator personnel conducting the Bhutan Luxury tours. They will be there with you from the start to the end looking after you and letting you enjoy the various aspects of life in this country. One to three-hour hikes are organized during the tour so that the tourists are not put under too much strain. During the hikes, the tourists can pass through villages on their way to the monasteries and observe the way people live in this country.

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