Highlights of 60th Birthday Celebrations of His Majesty 4th DrukGyalpo

It was a convergence of the three generations at Changlimethang in Bhutan on 11th November 2015. The day marked the 60th birth anniversary of the fourth monarch His Majesty the Fourth DrukGyalpo of Bhutan. Quite inevitably, the inhabitants of the country celebrated the entire event with great pomp and zeal, as it was no less than an occasion of unsurpassed joy and exuberance for them.

A Revered Personality

It was on this day, that the great His Majesty Fourth DrukGyalpo took birth in the lands of Bhutan, six decades ago. The country was blessed with a visionary ruler with undying compassion, distinguished grace, and infinite wisdom. It was the Midas touch of his thoughts and ideas that eventually led the nation towards a great uprising, alongside stirring up global conscience.

The Gem of a Ruler

The National Assembly held during the year 1972 still bears testimony to a historical event. It was during this program that the 4th king His Majesty DrukGalpo, at just 16 years of age then made a solemn promise to serve Bhutan throughout his life. History states, he not only lived up to his promises but even surpassed it for the good.

4th king DrukGalpo


Arrival News of the Royal Heir

The birth of a ruler of such caliber is inevitably an occasion of great pride for the country. Moreover, His Majesty the 5th DrukGyalpo, JigmeKhesarNamgyelWangchuck added a special touch to the celebrations with his royal announcement. According to the present ruler of Bhutan, he and his wife JetsunPema; the Gyaltsuen are eagerly awaiting the birth of the prince. As soon as the announcement was made, the entire nation went into a magnificent celebratory mode. The news of the arrival of Bhutan’s future ruler overjoyed them. Emotions knew no bounds, and some of them also had tears of joy.

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Reactions from the Political Fraternity

His Majesty, the 5th DrukGyalpo, also announced that their son will always strive hard towards ensuring the welfare of Bhutanese people. Therefore, he will be more their son than just being their ruler. The announcement of this news invoked unsurpassed happiness and joy in the hearts of the political leaders of Bhutan. Bhutan’s Prime Minister TsheringTobgay expressed his heartfelt gratitude to His Majesty and the queen for offering such a precious gift to the country. Apart from that, opposition leader PemaGyamtsho remarked that the arrival news of the next successor to Bhutan’s royal throne was indeed, the most befitting tribute to the 4th DrukGyalpo.

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Celebrations in the Country

People from different walks of life offered their sincerest tributes to the 4th King of Bhutan. The nation observes the day with great reverence and nearly all of them perform to their best of potentials. This year, the dzongkhag staff and Gasarabdey paid their homage to the king. Additionally, students of Wangdue arrived in huge numbers for attending the royal address.

Royal Celebration

Beyond The Borders

Moreover, Bhutanese inhabitants from several other parts of the nation and even beyond its boundaries came together to celebrate the moment with euphoria. Bhutanese people in Bangkok offered their Zhabten, whereas, His Majesty’s royal address was publicly broadcasted in Tsirang.

Apart from that, the Royal Monetary Authority of the country went a step further and launched a pair of silver and golden coins, in commemoration of the 4th DrukGyalpo’s birthday. Finally, with the announcement of the prince’s arrival, the entire celebrations ended on an ecstatic note.

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