Interesting Facts about Bhutan cultural tours

The Himalayan kingdom is wrapped in mysteries which are yet to explore. Talking about one such country is Bhutan occupying the eastern Himalayan region. Each year this royal land welcomes countless travelers across the world to experience one of the ancient cultures dominating here and yet in untouched condition. Not any modernized policy had the potentiality till now to shake the very roots of traditionalism which is strictly followed by its residents. Get to know about some interesting Bhutanese cultural facts.

Bhutan cultural tours

Land of Guru Riponche

Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava was the founder of Nyingma tradition. It was with him that Buddhism spread across Bhutan and parts of Tibet. It was believed that the Buddhist guru is still alive with his rainbow body which is possible via performing tantric arts. The Bhutan cultural tours will take you to those sacred places and monasteries famous for guru’s once performed magical deeds. Tiger’s Nest monastery is one such place where after defeating demons Padmasambhava returned to Bhutan on the back of a tiger. The flaming lake in Bumthang is proof of another supernaturalism where he hid religious texts of Lord Buddha.

Be a part of Tshechu

There is hardly any festival on Earth that displays such vibrant colors and allows uniting with everyone other than tshechu. For paying homage to their lotus guru Padmasambhava that every year Bhutanese celebrate this mask dance festival. On hiring Bhutan cultural tours package of Bhutan Mahayana tours, you can also be a part of this grand occasion. Get to know about the traditional cultures of Bhutan and their ways of socializing and worshipping to receive blessings and attain salvation.

Celebrating mountain festivals

With folk dances, yak riding, participating in various sports and shopping valuable artifacts commemorate this two-day elegant festival at the stunning spot of Jomolhari. Since the Himalayas surrounds Bhutan, the people of mountains show great fascination towards conserving their environment and the exotic species living there. The snow leopard is one of them. Thus locals spread the message for its conservation via this collaborated celebration. It highlights how people of Bhutan have deep love and respect for Mother Nature and undertakes all necessary steps to protect it from destruction.

Visiting Dzong and monasteries

Bhutan is a land where spiritual atmosphere dominates the environment. There are various Dzong and monasteries decorated in fabulous Buddhism fashion to leave you wonderstruck. On paying a visit to these religious places you get to know about Buddhism and nourish your imaginations inside this calm, peaceful destination, also you will have enough enlightenment to explore more about Bhutanese cultures. These are some interesting facts about the cultural lives lead by the locals. Once you land in this happy land, you can know loads of other facts to excite your nerves. To top it all the warm and friendly residents will accompany you to satisfy all your curiosity along the journey.

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