Rediscover and Unravel Bhutan’s Beauty with Bhutan Luxury Tours

Grueling sessions of work and hectic daily chores completely drain you off your energy levels. It is during such crucial times that your mind and body long for tranquil hours of repose. If you are facing similar situations for quite some time now, then planning a trip to the Land of the Thunder Dragon will be the best thing to do.


Yes, you have made the right guess. The destination is none other than the magical land of Bhutan, which offers you excellent opportunities for enjoying yourself to the tee. Whether it is the natural landscape or the legendary monasteries, Bhutan never fails to captivate your attention and win your heart. But, for enjoying a great tour in this land of surrealistic beauty, you will have to plan your journey in the best manner. And this is where; you require the efficient assistance of leading Bhutan tour operators.

Benefits of finding the right partner

If you are planning your next vacation in Bhutan, then we at Bhutan Mahayana tours will emerge as your most reliable partners. With our profound knowledge about the country and highly dedicated tour leaders, we have what it takes to be the best. Our exclusive Bhutan luxury tours will offer you an exceptional experience around the country. It is with us that you will get the right dose of excitement, amazement, and unadulterated fun.

We will take you for an exciting tour across the country and offer the best facilities. From taking you closer to the rhododendrons growing along the dazzling mountain pass, to treating you to Ema Datshi, we will provide access to all the specialties that the destination has to offer. Follow the article, as it provides you a short glimpse of our luxury tour packages in Bhutan.


  1. Enjoy Walking Tours

Taking a stroll amidst the serenity of Nature will surely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And you can perfectly gather the experience, by opting for our Walking tours. By setting on this voyage, you will get to witness the natural beauty of the destination, in the most special way.

  1. Explore Bhutan’s locations by trekking

Your Bhutan tour will be an incomplete affair, without our unique Trekking Tours. With the perfect understanding of tourist requirements, we ensure the most satisfying experience for both first-time and high-end trekkers. Trek along the scintillating mountainous regions of Bhutan and enjoy utmost comfort. Our highly experienced team of trekkers will prove to be your best guides on the tour.

  1. Get knowledgeable about cultural traditions

We combine luxury with responsibility and enjoyment with education. The Bhutan luxury tours package offered by us at Bhutan Mahayana tours tourists a deep insight into the cultural tradition of the country. We encourage sustainable tourism and try to showcase the indigenous skills of the Bhutanese people.

  1. Stay calm with Meditation Tours

If you are losing your mind over worldly issues or feeling depressed, uninterrupted sessions of meditation will prove to be the most efficient remedy for you. And that is the reason our Mediation Tours account form a crucial part of our luxury tour packages.

  1. Adventure Tours for brave-hearts

Awaken that adventurous spirit within yourself with our luxury trip packages. Opt for our Adventure tours and explore the rugged terrains and unclimbed mountain ranges.

With such tour highlights and specialties, we will make every moment of your Bhutan tour special.

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