Serene yet Colorful Bhutan Cultural Tours Bring Alive the Experience

If you have ever imagined of visiting a land that is both picturesque as well as intriguing, the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is the place that is sure to fulfill your imagination and leave you gasping for more. This tiny country cradled in the midst of the majestic Himalayas is resplendent with thenatural landscape and counts the measure of it’s people’s well-being in terms of Gross National Happiness Index rather than the economical one. It is a place where culture and lifestyle are one entity and the warm people full of respect for the neighbor as well as nature that forms a part of their religion and ethics.

Cultural Tour

The fascinating West

Tour operators have tailored Bhutan cultural tours that are aimed at giving the tourists the best of all the aspects of Bhutan. Such tours are likely to be of amoderate duration of about a week – neither too short nor too long. One of the best parts of Bhutan to explore during one such trip is the western part of the country where cultural bounty and natural beauty abound to compete with one another. Beginning with Paro, the only international airport in the country, the trip is likely to take you to the monasteries around and move onto the famous Punakha valley.


Trekking the famous destinations

Moving onto Thimpu from Paro, any such tour will take the visitor to the different historical as well as other places of heritage. There is a famous painting school that you will have the opportunity to visit if you happen to be there on a working day. The trek to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery is sure to be a memorable one in several ways. The trek will cover some breathtaking landscape while the history of the monastery will fascinate you as will the structure and reverence that surround the religious practice there. Descending down you will be heading for the PunakhaValley, and it’s undulating attractions.

Experiencing the local culture

Punakha is the erstwhile capital of Bhutan and is resplendent with the glorious religious history that is set atop the valley in the form of the famous Chime Lhakhang Monastery or the Mad Man’s Temple. The history of the place will fascinate you as you trek to the height of silence of the monastery. At the same time, you will have the unique opportunity to pass through some tiny villages that are set on the way and are atestimony to the warmth of the people and the happiness that they enjoy living their indigenous lifestyle.

Bhutan Tour

Reveling in a sense of awe

The interesting ascent to the numerous Dzongs and meetings with monks will help you to understand their philosophy and stir a sense of deep introspection that will be further enhanced by the stillness of nature, and its might. The unique Bhutan cultural tours will bring out the best of Bhutan in the lush green as well asriot of colors in the monastery architecture reflects the philosophy that helps people of the land to be happy rather than hanker after economic prosperity only. At the same time as a tourist, you will enjoy the warm hospitality as well as the luxury and comfort of the accommodations during your stay in the tiny Kingdom.

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