Take Advantage of Bhutan Tours to See a Beautiful Country

A visit to the Himalayan kingdom will remain in the memory of the visitor for a long time. The country has a scenic beauty that has not been marred by any external influence. The country was thrown open to the world after a long time of isolation. Every year thousands of people flock to the country from all over the world to take part in various trekking expeditions and festival tours conducted in the country. The main industry of the country is tourism that is promoted by the government for development of the country.

Features of tours

The government department, The Tourism Council of Bhutan controls the whole tourist trade in the country. It has laid down strict rules for Bhutan tours, and travel inside the country, enforcing adherence to travel laws very strictly. To ensure quality, the foreign tourists who come to the country have to pay almost $200 per day as tariff for their stay in the country. The high charges ensure that they get proper care and attention from the tour operators as the goodwill of the government depends on how they perceive the quality of the tours.

ADVENTURE TOUR:bhutanmahayanatours.com

ADVENTURE TOUR: bhutanmahayanatours.com

Types of tours

The various types of Bhutan tours packages that are encouraged by the company comprises of adventure tours, festival tours, cultural tours, biking and cycling tours, trekking tours, meditation tours, walking tours, and responsible tours. The object of each tour is to allow the people from outside the country to get first-hand knowledge of the traditions, rituals and the culture of the people of Bhutan. The feeling of the government is that the news about the Bhutanese people and their culture will spread to all parts of the world and people from other culture will grow a respect for them.

FESTIVAL TOURS: bhutanmahayanatours.com

FESTIVAL TOURS: bhutanmahayanatours.com

Culture and festivals

The culture of Bhutan has a great importance to the people of the country. It influences all walks of life in the country. The people are very proud of their culture, and that is what the try to show to the people from other countries through their festivals and other religious activities. The festivals usually last for quite a few days. The dances performed by people wearing various costumes made of silk with a variety of masks on their faces. The dances are accompanied by the clashing of cymbals, blaring off and the beating of drums. The content of these dances are purely religious.

CULTURAL TOURS: bhutanmahayanatours.com

CULTURAL TOURS: bhutanmahayanatours.com

Getting various discounts

The official website of this tour operator is Bhutanmahayanatours.com through which a tour of the country can be booked. The company gives discounts on their tour packages to their important clients that compensate for some of the money spent on the tariff. Children under five years of age do not have to pay any tour charges while those aged between 6 to 10 will be given a 50 percent discount. Students holding valid identity cards issued by their institutions for full-time courses and aged less than 25 years will get a discount of 25% daily.  A 59 percent discount will be given on one person comprising a group of 11 to 15 persons and 100 percent for a person comprising a group of more the 16 persons. A 50 percent discount on royalty is available on the 14th day of stay.

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