Things to Do In Matsutake Festival Tours in Bhutan

Traveling in Bhutan can be an experience of an experience of a lifetime. However, if you want to make the most of a trip to this country, you will have the best time ever when you arrange your tour during Matsutake Festival will add to your happiness.

Bhutan Festival Tours

Along with this festival, you will enjoy the opportunity to visit some of the places of sightseeing that include Thimpu, Punakha,Wangdue, Bumthang, and Trongsa. One of the best things about visiting this country during the festivals is to mingle with the local people to celebrate it in the traditional manner. Whether it is about preparing the mushroom cuisines during this festival or dancing and singing with the local people can allow you engage in fun.

Combination of Cultural and Festival Tour

While it is good to visit this country during Bhutan festival tours, you will also enjoy the opportunity to visit other places. The trip begins with arrival in Paro and you can go ahead with sightseeing during the afternoon. For instance, visiting DrukgyenDzong is a good option as this ruined fortress has a history that adds to your knowledge. Visiting KyichuLhakhang Monastery is another activity that you will enjoy on the first day and it is one of the oldest monasteries in Bhutan. On the second day of the trip, you must visit the Taktsang Monastery which is one of the holiest places of Buddhism. Thus, you can enjoy the festival on the one hand and visit the place of sightseeing on the other.

Bhutan Festival Tours

Exploring the Unknown

From the third day of the travel, you can start sightseeing from the morning itself and begin with a trip to the National Museum to explore some of the most captivating collections of textiles, artifacts, and statues of the ancient days. In addition to this, you can visit the Paro Fortress or RingpungDzong which is one of the most impressive Dzongs in Bhutan. After this, you travel back to Thimpu to visit SemthokaDzong. For the tariffs during Bhutan festival tours, you can consult Bhutan Mahayana Tours for more information about the tour itself. On the fourth day of the tour, you can visit Thimpu and some of the memorable places of sightseeing such as the Memorial Chorten, National Library, ChnagangkhaLhakhang which is another monastery, and the mini zoo. Along with this, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Handicrafts Emporium and the Textile Museum to get a real look at the art and craft of this country.

Knowing the Festival

This tour focuses on Matsutake Festival and on the rest of the days, you can spend time in Punakha and Bumthang Valley. When you visitUra village, you can handpick the mushrooms along with the local people and prepare different cuisines using them. Visiting this village allows you have a different experience altogether as it will bring you close to the people living in these villages. If you love dancing, make the most of the dancing opportunities that you get with the local people.

Bhutan tours

The Last Days

On the last three days of this trip, you can visit GangteyGompa and the picturesque valley allows you come to one of the endangered and rarest species of black-necked cranes. In addition to this, you can travel to Wangdue Town from Paro and then drive to Haa Valley which is one of the most magnificent of all the valleys in Bhutan. Visiting Bhutan during the Matsutake Festival is one of the favorable options to explore Bhutan and the way the countrymen celebrate this festival.

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