Trekking In Bhutan: A Quick and Handy Travel Guide

Hiking is good for heart and bones. It rejuvenates your mind and keeps you healthy. When you get to view majestic, ethereal beauties of Himalayan ranges, it comes as a bonus along with numerous health benefits.

The Dragon kingdom has everything to charm all trekkers across the globe. It is for this reason Bhutan gets visited by countless travelers. The captivating rhododendron bushes decked with colorful blossoms on the banks of picturesque valleys will never fail to charm you. With all scenic attractions, nature has put up a show there. Get to know about some famous trekking routes that will make you wonder struck.

Trekking in Bhutan

Tigers Nest Monastery

Resting amidst pristine environment, you can’t find a better place to trek in the whole planet. Though the route is quite strenuous to travel, the glimpse of the monastery will seduce you with all its magnificent architecture to pay a visit. On hiring Bhutan trekking packages, you can enjoy your trip. Once you complete your trek and reach the religious place, you can feel the heavenly atmosphere reigning inside. Well along the way there is ample chance to treat your eyes with the most spectacular sights. You will find refreshments for your body and mind.

The Hike of Jhomolhari

Luxurious Trek

Mount Jhomolhari considered as the “Bride of Kanchenjunga.” The trekking gives you all the pleasures to view natural sceneries. Being situated between the border of Bhutan and Tibet, you have to make your way through the passes of Bhonte La and Takhung La. It is little challenging, but after reaching the peak, it offers incredible views. The Bhutan trekking packages include this destination in the list; know more about it at You can also be a part of Jhomolhari mountain festival that displays rich traditions of Bhutanese cultures. You also get acquainted with rural lives of locals residing on mountains. Know about the legendary tales of Yeti from your tour guide.

Duer Hot Springs Trek

Duer Hot springs are the most beautiful tranquil atmosphere dominating in the Himalayan region. Some portions of it overlap with snowman trekking section. You can never resist appreciating the diverse ecosystem of this beautiful forest land. Whether it is for a variety of exotic plants or Musk deer and Black bear populations found here, it is a favorite place for all nature lovers. Juli La is the highest point of this place, and you will fall in love with everything that is present here to add more beauties to Himalayan land.

Precautions need to be taken

Even though hiking tours of Bhutan offers immeasurable happiness to all, however, there is a need to follow some guidelines before you start your journey towards a challenging trek. Always try to plan your trek during spring and autumn seasons and avoid the damp, rainy weather. Spring is the best season as plants get decorated with colorful flowers laden with fruits. You get to close commune with nature in the pristine environment and inhale fresh, crisp air during the journey. Try to carry antiseptics and hand sanitizers. Make your trip the most memorable that will be cherished for years.

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