Trekking In Bhutan – Make Your Holiday More Exciting

If you want to escape into the lap of nature from concrete jungles and monotonous lifestyles, then how about planning a pleasure trip in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful spots of Himalayas. There is hardly any place other than Bhutan to idealize all conditions for trekkers. Come in this “land of happiness” to get contaminated with happy vibes. With sweeping landscapes, stunning natural sights, diverse flora and fauna this Buddhist landmark makes every arrangement to surprise each hiker and travelers. So, get prepared to spend an extraordinary holiday in this fantastic place and make your days more exciting by a memorable trekking experience.

trekking in Bhutan

Taking the Druk path

For all beginners wanting to start acquiring trekking skills, the Druk path is an ideal route. This path extends from Paro up to the hills of Thimpu and is less steep. You will gather some lovely memories while trekking in Bhutan down the tracks decorated with blue pine forests and lofty ridges. When exhausted, crystal clear waters of pristine Jimiling Lake quenches your thirst. You can also spend the time to catch large trout found in the lake waters.


Trekking at Jomolhari

Filled with vast environmental diversities, lead your way through a dense cluster of pines and alpine fields is incredible. It is a bit hard task to complete this eight-day trek having an altitude of 15114, feet, but the snow-capped majestic view of Mt. Jomolhari and Mt. Jichu Drake will take away all tiredness. One glance at pasture lands occupied by yak herders who come here to graze their animals is a medicine for the physical struggles. Know more about trekking in Bhutan at Do not forget to arrange for overnight camping at the base of Jomolhari with your family, as that will be a memorable event in your life.


The snowman trek

It is one of the most challenging and best treks for all adventure loving hikers. In this twenty-five days journey, you have to cross eleven passes which are above 16404 feet above sea level. Traversing the mountainous border between Tibet and Bhutan will run a thrill down the spine. Though it will present you with the most astounding views of lofty snow-capped peaks, the altitude becomes a limiting factor for which many people return incomplete. It is wise to undertake the long course from Paro to Lunana only if you are in good physically fit condition.

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Bumthang owl trek

A little bit of hiking, taking Bhutanese village tour, visiting monasteries and heading towards Drangela Pass is what this trek will bring. It is a relaxing journey of three days and will love to revisit. You can also gain the experience of traditional dining at any village house and know more about their cultures. There are other countless small treks available to discover the beauty of Himalayas. Get to spend some lovely days amidst nature by planning your trip in this beautiful country.

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