What Is The Best Time For Trekking In Bhutan?

To arrive in Bhutan for trekking on the most celebrated routes decorated with sheer natural beauty and magnificent stupas is the main purpose why travelers keep this place on their bucket list. Whether it is the breathtaking views of shadowy gorges, picturesque valleys or stunning landscapes, everything occupies the first position in your priority list. No place on the earth has such happy and cheerful environment as Bhutan. Never to worry, if you want to get infected with this contagious emotion, then it is must to visit this wonderland and explore its charming beauty.


Amazing Places to Visit While Trekking in Peru

When you are in Peru, visiting Tiger’s Nest monastery is amazing. The divine atmosphere inside the temple attracts millions of souls every day. It’s a great place to rejuvenate your imaginations in the peaceful surroundings. Visit Ta Dazing National museum which has a shape of a conch shell. Museum boasts of displaying a splendid collection of thangkha along with traditional masks worn by the locals during tshechu. Mule egg and horse horn are important oddities of preservations produced by tantric arts Guru Riponche. The Bhutan trekking packages include visiting the museum.


Hiking Along Druk Path

Trekking in Bhutan rewards you some unforgettable memories that you will cherish for future, and not tell about Druk route that is preferred by lots of travelers for its seamless beauties. It’s an extremely easy and comfortable trek for all beginners. While hiking along rugged stony paths, you get a chance to view the grand feast of nature in the surrounding environment. Be it the unexplored Mount Gangkar Puensum or other snow-capped peaks of Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan trekking packages covers major views to satiate your adventurous soul.


Mesmerizing Jangchulakha and Jimilangtsho

What an exciting thrill will it be when you trek through lofty mountains to reach Jele Dzong amidst colorful rhododendron bushes. After spending enough time to appreciate nature’s glory then head towards Jimelangtsho and Simkotra Lake. Filled with emerald waters, that sparkles when sun rays fall on it, will refresh your body. Relishing the tranquil atmosphere sitting beside lakes is something for which you will long. No beauty could equate with such impressive views. If you want, then climb to Phume La for getting more close to nature.


Best Time to Take a Trek

If you want to know about the best season to hike along the rugged terrain, then it is spring and autumn, as trees will get laden with colorful blossoms and fruits that offer delightful sights. Walking amidst clustered pine trees is superb. Inhale the fresh air filled with aromas of unknown flowers that will work as a magical spell to get lost in the lap of nature. Months of March to May or September to November are ideal for trekking. As the climate is favorable and you get ample chance to enjoy warm solar heat when you climb atop highest peaks. So to drink optimum beauty of this majestic land, plan your trip during this season and participate in nature’s feast.

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