Cultural Tours

Satisfy The Explorer In You By Visiting The Eastern Circuit Of Bhutan

08 days


Day 01: Samdrup Jongkhar To Tashi Yangtse

Day 02: Tashi Yangtse

Day 03: Tashi Yangtse to Tashi Gang

Day 04: Tashi Gang to Mongar

Day 05: Mongar to Luentse

Day 06: Mongar to Bumthang

Day 07: Bumthang to Paro

Day 08: Exit

For a person visiting eastern Bhutan, the indigenous ways of farming life would be the best known cultural interests. Textile is a major highlight of this region. Textiles of the region reflect a very rich and multifaceted storehouse of a distinct art form. They are well-known for the presence of a number colours, sophistication and variation in patterns,as well the elaborate dyeing and weaving techniques. Right from the legendary village of Khomo (Lhuntse) to Radhi (Trashigang) one gets captivated by the art and intricacies of the Bhutanese textiles.

If you are game to spend a few nights in tents or accept the hospitality of the Kurtoe farmhouses then the Lhuntse area can be explored in the best possible manner. If you visit during the winters you can easily catch a glimpse of the rare Black-necked crane (Grus nigricollis) at Bomdeling. Bomdeling is located in north-eastern Bhutan and is a small rice growing valley. The Bomdeling wildlife sanctuary is a natural habitat for majestic cranes and BirdLife International has identified it as an Important Bird Area.

You shoud take detours from Mongar if you are more of a hotel person. The home of Bhutan�s Royal Family is Kurtoe and many a surprises await you here as it is one of the least visited regions. Besides numerous indigenous festivals are also great cultural attractions. You must explore this region and be one of the lucky few to rediscover the secrets of the animist traditions which are hidden here. There are a lot of great stories of hidden valleys, such as Khenpajong that might delight the explorer�s instincts hidden within you. Experiencing the wilds of the eastern can also be delightful and satisfying.

The locals believe that the ruins of the old Zhongar Dzong is haunted by local gurdian deity and many queer stories are in vogue that might make you curious. So much so, that you may want to stop here for a while as you drive into Mongar.