Cultural Tours

Feel The Essence Of Bhutan With Our Three Nights And Four Nights Stay

04 days


Day 01: Thimphu

Day 02: Paro

Day 03: Paro

Day 04: Exit

Buddhism is the most dominant religion in Bhutan. The state religion is Vajrayana Buddhism. Since Bhutan is a deeply spiritual place, this trip will allow you to soak in the spirit of the most sanctified sites of Buddhism in the country. Furthermore a hike to the Tigers nest followed by a visit to Kichhu Lakhang will make your visit to Bhutan a worthwhile experience.

Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan and also the largest. It has a dominant agriculture and livestock and the culture of Bhutan is aptly reflected here. The capital city of Bhutan stands out with its striking architecture, smiling faces of the local people and its breathtaking scenery.

The city has a warm and pleasant temperate type of a climate. Our trip concludes with a visit to a farm house in the valley of Paro where you will be welcomed with an authentic Bhutanese dinner with a local family who will be more than happy to have you as their guest.