Meditation Tours: To Awaken The Soul

13 days


Day 01: Paro

Day 02: Paro

Day 03: Thimphu

Day 04: Punakha

Day 05: Trongsa

Day 06: Bumthang

Day 07: Bumthang

Day 08: Bumthang

Day 09: Bumthang

Day 10: Thimphu

Day 11: Paro

Day 12: Paro

Day 13: Exit

Dharma can be described as a healthy, harmonious and holistic way of life. It is a life that emphasizes on morality. Dharma teaches us how to live peacefully and harmoniously from within and how to generate peace and harmony in our surroundings. In short, it is an art of living. Dharma is not Buddhism neither it is Hinduism, Jainism, Islam or Christianity. Simply put, Dharma is just ‘Dharma’ itself. Dharma no more remains ‘dharma’ when we try to categorize it to any particular sect. It thus becomes impure and harmful. It is the universal law of nature which is applicable to everyone. One cannot understand ‘Dharma’ by adhering to intellectual games or by accepting it at a devotional or emotional level, but by realizing the truth within one’s own self.

It is not possible to hurt or harm anyone unless you have first harmed your own self. To understand this properly one needs to start observing the interaction of mind and matter within.

In order to purify our minds in the real sense of the term we need to explore the truth at a deeper level and not just on the surface. Eventually, a time will come when our minds will always remain pure, full of love and compassion. However this cannot happen unless we probe deeper inside and initiate the process of purification. It is imperative that all of us must do this. Bhutan is a great place to put this into action. For people who are interested to explore this particular meditation, are given a unique chance to be organized in the different monasteries throughout Bhutan by us. Everyone is welcome to explore this opportunity.