06 Days Responsible Tourism program

06 days


Day 01: Paro

Day 02: Thimphu

Day 03: Punakha

Day 04: Paro

Day 05: Paro

Day 06: Exit

Day 1: Paro After arrival at Paro International Airport, You will be welcomed by the representative of Bhutan Mahayana Tours in a traditional way. Depending upon time of your arrival, you will be driven to the great Dzong of Paro to seek blessings and get the temple strings. The reason for organizing this ceremony is, Bhutan being a Buddhist country; all Bhutanese people visit monasteries and masters before they make any journey. While doing so, people ask for the blessings and protection from the protectors of Bhutan during the travel. After the ceremony, you can walk down to the bridge and continue towards the town of Paro.

Day 2: Thimphu

It�s another day of hikes around Thimphu. Drive one hour to the base of Tango Monastery. The hike takes around one hour uphill and while retuning it normally takes around 45 minutes. Your lunch will be served by the monks of the Monastery. To get the deeper understanding of life of a monk, we will spend some time interacting with the monks. After returning to Thimphu, it is time to visit some local crafts shops for shopping.

Tonight�s dinner will be in one of the authentic Bhutanese Restaurants.

Day3: Punakha

A pleasant three hours drive via Dochula will take you to Punakha. Upon reaching Dochula, Every one of us will hoist prayer flag to send our good wishes and prayers to the whole world for the well being of the sentient beings.

Depending on the time of your visit we will stop at Royal botanical Garden to see the different spices of rhododendrons we have in the country. Bhutan has over more than 26 different types of the flower. The season starts from late April to May.

This afternoon you will visit the most famous Punakha Dzong.

Day 04: Paro

It�s a long day of drive back to Paro, which is 4 hours. Visit the oldest temple in the country which is built in 8 century this afternoon. Visit the town of Paro and buy local vegetables . This late afternoon you will be visiting a farm house and learn how to make two different Bhutanese dishes.

Dish 1

First we will learn how to cook the national dish of Bhutan which is EMA DATSE

EMA means Chilli and DATSE means cheese. For the Bhutanese, chilli is a vegetable without which Bhutanese cannot eat meals. Chilli is also the most sold vegetable in the country. They have several ways to prepare the dish depending on the place they come from. Today we will be preparing the EMA DATSE which is prepared in the western Part of Bhutan.

Dish 2

Though meat in not a part of daily diet but it is something we prepare when we have a special guest visiting our house.

The meat dish we will prepare will be either of beef or pork. Both the meat will be air dried and cooked with different vegetables.

We will also spend the night at the farm house to experience the Bhutanese life.

Day 05: Paro

Your last day in Bhutan will be a hike to Tiger�s nest. This Monastry is built on the face of a cliff at 1000 metres above the ground. It is a life time opportunity for a Buddhist to visit this site as it is considered one of the holiest Buddhist shrines.

Day 6: Exit

After breakfast your guide will drive you to the Airport and see you off to your next destination.