Stimulate Your Senses with a Short Trek to Bumthang

08 days


Day 01: Arrive Paro. Drive on to Thimphu

Day 02: Thimphu - Punakha with a hike to Chimi Lhakhang

Day 03: Punakha to Bumthang

Day 04: Bumthang Owl Trek (Menchugang to Schonath)

Day 05: Trek from Schonath to Kitiphu

Day 06: End trek and drive to Trongsa

Day 07: Trongsa - Punakha

Day 08: Punakha to Paro

Day 09: Paro Day

Day 10: Exit

Bumthang falls among the twenty districts in Bhutan. In terms of the number of ancient temples and religious sites are concerned, it is the most historic of dzongkhag or district in Bhutan. This three day and two nights moderate trek around Bumthang gifts the visitors with the perks of both incredible views of a pure natural environment adorned with a diverse collection of flora and fauna as well as a chance to visit the ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries in the area.

The trek starts from Menchugang and ends in Jakar Dzong and offers a variety of flora and fauna. The hiking trail takes you though the rich and colourful forests of blue pine, birch, maple, spruce, juniper, bamboo against the backdrop of a beautiful and uneven landscape covered in countless varieties of rhododendrons. There is no dearth of avian wildlife in this region. Pheasants like the beautiful Himalayan Tragopan are a common sight here around April-May.

The ideal time to undertake this trek is during the late spring as the rhododendrons are in full bloom at this time of the year. If the trekking is done during autumn then there is a possibility that you will be encountered by the Himalayan Black bears therefore a lot of caution should be exercised. The visitors can gain an insight into the local culture and traditions of this region if the hiking trip is planned during a festival. In conclusion, it can be said that the trek provides you with an stimulating experience.