Enjoy Spectacular Views During The Laya-Gasa trek

20 days


Day 01: Paro

Day 02: Paro

Day 03: Shana

Day 04: Thang Thangkha

Day 05: Jango Thang

Day 06: Rest Day

Day 07: Lingzhi

Day 08: Chebesa

Day 09: Shamuthang

Day 10: Rubelthang

Day 11: Lingmeythang

Day 12: Laya

Day 13: Rest Day

Day 14: Koyena

Day 15: Gasa

Day 16: Punakha

Day 17: Thimphu

Day 18: Thimphu

Day 19: Paro

Day 20: Exit

Bhutan in spite of being a small country has a unique and distinct culture of its own with a untouched environment and people here are as diverse as the country itself. In order experience this place instead of just blindly visiting it, one has to travel off from the already treaded path.

The Laya-Gasa Trek covers a long distance in north Bhutan along the border of Tibet and is considered as one of the finest. This trek starts in the idyllic valley of Paro and ends in Punakha. The trek takes you through an array of Bhutanese landscapes ranging from picturesque farms, alpine pastures and high Himalayan passes. The Laya-Gasa trek gives you a chance to explore Linzhi, Laya and Gasa which are the nomadic valleys of Bhutan and looks like the Bhutan in its olden days. Due to negligible influence of the outside world the people in these regions have lived in peace and harmony, practicing their traditional beliefs. You will be wake up every day to a different snow capped peak in midst of a wonder land. If you are lucky you can also spot the rare animals like Takins, Snow Leopards and even Bengal Tigers. April is the ideal time to undertake this trek. Though this is a hard trek in the northern highlands of Bhutan, every moment is worth it.