Be Awed By The Beauty Of The Mountain Goddess-Jhomolhari

13 days


Day 01: Paro

Day 02: Paro

Day 03: Shana

Day 04: Thang Thangkha

Day 05: Rest Day

Day 06: Lingsi

Day 07: Zhoudue

Day 08: Barshong

Day 09: Dolamkoncho

Day 10: Dodena

Day 11: Thimphu

Day 12: Paro

Day 13: Exit

B�n is the animist belief of Bhutan and existed before Buddhism (which is now the official religion) as the primary religious faith. This belief system revolves around the worship of nature. The essence of animism or B�n is to establish harmony between man and the unseen force of nature. Such a belief system instills respect and devotion in the minds of people towards Mother Nature who has gifted with an abundance of natural resources. The people of Bhutan believe that mountain Jhomolhari is sacred as they consider it to be the abode of the female protector goddesses �Jomo who is among the Five Tsheringma Sisters who are entrusted with the responsibility to protect the people of Bhutan, the Buddhist faith and the land of Bhutan. A trek to Mountain Goddess-Jhomolhari is at once thrilling and invigorating to your. This is a medium level trek which starts from the ruins of Drugyal Dzong from where you turn towards the north until you reach the base camp of the Jhomolhari after three days. The trek winds up in Thimphu before making a stop at the beautiful Linzhi valley.