Bhutan luxurious trek: it is always possible to be luxurious!

13 days


Day 01: Paro

Day 02: Paro

Day 03: Shana

Day 04: Thang thangkha

Day 05: Jhomolhari

Day 06: Rest day

Day 07: Linzhi

Day 08: Zhodu

Day 09: Barshong

Day 10: Dolamkoncho

Day 11: Thimphu

Day 12: Thimphu

Day 13: Exit

Have you ever wished to go out on a trek without having to compromise on your comfort? If yes then we at Bhutan Mahayana Tours have the perfect alternative waiting for you in the form of our Bhutan Luxurious Trek. This tour programme has been exclusively designed by us keeping in mind the various needs of high end trekkers. Our clients would be accompanied by a group of professionals right from day one of the trek and continue to assist them till the end of it. A single room size camping tent with folding beds will be provided for each and every individual trekker. Portable gas heaters will warm up chilly Himalayan nights. Mouthwatering 4star standard meals will satiate your hunger pangs in the mountains. A nice hot shower will ease the fatigue after a long day of trekking. Won�t it be exciting when some yak herders unexpectedly invited you for a cup of hot butter tea?