Extreme Adventure Trips For The Bravehearts

08 days


Day 01: Paro (Two hours hike)

Day 02: Paro (Four hours hike)

Day 03: Thimphu (Two Hours Hike)

Day 04: Thimphu (Six Hours Hike)

Day 05: Punakha (Three Hours Hike)

Day 06: Punakha (Three Hours Thirty Minutes Hike)

Day 07: Punakha (Six Hours Hike)

Day 08: Paro (Shopping day)

Day 09: Paro (Four Hours Hike))

Day 10: Exit

As Bhutan is a country with a mountainous terrain it is dotted with a number of villages. Buddhist monks wish to be devoid of all worldly attachments and hence all the Buddhist temples are built in such a way that they are far away from human settlements. In order to reach most of these places and also to savor the simplicity of the country life of Bhutan it is best if one can hike at least two-three hours a day starting from a road point. We have designed a unique programme for our clients which offer them with an opportunity to understand the Bhutanese way of life with unforgettable hikes without compromising on their comfort. Our �The Way it Was-Hiking� in Bhutan will take you to different corners of the country side on your foot so that you can soak in the real of the country. Picnic Lunches while hiking and meeting with monks in hermitage sites are the special highlights of this tour programme. We have made sure that our clients are properly taken care of after a tiring day of hiking by the comfort and warmth of our partner hotels.